1. Available hunts
    1. Unless otherwise stated, the hunts available, the number of days and the combination of species that may be hunted, are in accordance with government, community or tender regulations, the current price list, concession areas and expected quota for a specific year.
    2. Hunting seasons: Botswana and Zimbabwe: April to September; Mozambique: June to November; South Africa: All year round - certain species restricted during certain times of the year.
    3. The outfitter will reserve the exclusive right to allocate quota in an area of his choice for any special hunting package booked. The outfitter has the right to move a client from one area to another, at his sole discretion.
    4. Bow hunts and hunting with handguns are available in some hunting areas. Particulars are available upon request.

  2. Hunting packages & rates include
    1. The services of a licensed professional hunter/guide and the use of a hunting vehicle and fuel.
    2. Fully serviced tented and lodge accommodation, all meals, drinks, and laundry services during the contracted period.
    3. Trackers, skinners and the necessary field and camp staff.
    4. Field preparation of trophies and transportation thereof to a taxidermist or shipping agent designated by the outfitter.
    5. Meeting of clients at arranged venue.
    6. An emergency communication network and well stocked medical kit.
    7. Client does not pay for arrival and departure days, unless otherwise specified.

  3. Hunting packages exclude
    1. Observer rates, license, trophy fees not specified in packages, conservation and concession fees not specified in packages, bait animals, packing, dipping and shipping of trophies, CITES permits, and gratuities.
    2. Accommodation, flights, travel charges and meet-and-greet services before and after the contracted period.
    3. Air and ground/water transfers to, from and between hunting camps (except where otherwise specified), additional vehicles required by hunting party, side excursions, scenic flights, airport and import taxes, and landing fees.
    4. Hire of rifles & shotguns, ammunition, and fishing tackle. PLEASE NOTE: Firearms are the property of individuals and not the company and must be rented for the full period of the safari and paid for in advance – no refunds payable.
    5. Purchases on behalf of the client of a personal nature (in which case a 5% handling fee will be added).
    6. Firearm transit- and import/export permits, ammo & firearm handling, and other custom duties.
    7. All costs related to the clients’ change of plans/itinerary during the safari.
    8. Personal trip cancellation, trophy and medical evacuation insurance is strongly recommended. The client is responsible for short term insurance against trip cancellation, theft, loss, and damage of his personal property whilst on safari and will not have recourse against the outfitter’s insurance for theft, loss or damage sustained, unless major negligence can be proved in a court of law on the side of the outfitter and/or his staff.

  4. General
    1. All safaris are subject to quota availability at the time of booking. The Outfitter cannot guarantee such quotas as Government/landowners regulate these. The dates and time slots available will be in accordance with the availability of camps and quotas on the Outfitters’ booking sheet. Preference and confirmation will be given on a first-come-first-served basis once a deposit has been paid. Quotations will be valid for a period of 14 days only, unless otherwise stated. The outfitter cannot be held responsible should the government/landowners change or withdraw quota allocations or should the outfitter loose a particular concession area after the signing of a safari contract.
    2. Based on the outfitter’s knowledge, observations and experience, the outfitter has the exclusive right to move a client to any camp or hunting area where he feels that the client will have a better chance for success, at any time before or during a safari, at his sole discretion.
    3. Should the parties fail to enter into a signed safari contract, then the terms and conditions as set out herein will apply. By paying a deposit, the client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out in this document.
    4. The government/authorities control taxes and custom duties, concession-, community, conservation and license fees. Increases may be announced without prior notice and such increases published after the publication of this document will be passed on to the client.
    5. Prices are based on the ruling exchange rate at the time of printing of the relevant price list. Prices are subject to change without notice and the outfitter reserves the right to adjust the same should the exchange rate between the date of entering into the contract and the last date of the safari differ drastically.
    6. Clients must be in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months AFTER the end date of his safari and with at LEAST 6 clean pages left in such passport (the latter is not compulsory but recommended in some African countries). The onus rest on clients to apply for their entry visa’s (if applicable) for all the countries they are traveling through/visiting, well in advance. All non-SADC visitors to Mozambique require visas. It is the responsibility of clients to ensure that their flight tickets, travel documents and applicable inoculation certificates are in order. Invitation letters will be issued by the outfitter upon request and only after receipt of the necessary payments and information from the client.
    7. Clients are responsible for all health, medical evacuation, travel, trip-interruption- and cancellation insurances as well as short term insurance against theft, loss and damage of goods and should contact their insurance broker or travel agent for quotations on available packages. The Outfitter can, upon request, provide for Medical Evacuation cover at a nominal fee. Clients must provide the outfitter with medical evacuation insurance membership and service providers’ contact numbers prior to the commencement of a safari.
    8. Clients are responsible to obtain all inoculations and preventative medications and prophylaxis prior to their safari and should consult their doctor or travel clinic regarding the relevant health risks, regulations and requirements. Certain areas/countries, such as Botswana and Mozambique, are high-risk malaria areas. Tsetse fly is a nuisance in Mozambique and bug jackets, protective clothing and DEET insecticide are recommended. Certain countries through which you may travel may require proof of yellow fever inoculations.
    9. NO animal, including animals used for bait, may be hunted without a pre-issued license. All license fees are payable in advance and is not refundable. Animals wounded or lost are payable in full.
    10. If for any reason during the 120 days before the commencement of the safari, a client reduces the quotas booked and which were allocated to him by the outfitter, or he/she declines the opportunity of hunting any of the animals so allocated, then the full price of the package is payable, less 50% on the trophy fee which forms part of any package or the trophy itself.
    11. Should a client fail to take a primary trophy during a safari and should the Outfitter be able to accommodate the client and offer the client the opportunity to return later in the same season to attempt to hunt that same trophy on the same license again, provided a suitable time slot is available, then and in such event the client will be required to pay an additional hunting fee per day in order to cover the costs of such second safari, plus all additional expenses that may be incurred during such second safari. The outfitter is however not under any obligation to make such a second safari in the same season available to a client who fails to take his primary trophy during the originally booked safari.
    12. No hunt booked for a particular hunting season is transferable to any future season at the same rate. The new rates applicable to the future season will then apply. A safari may be rolled over to a future season once only and then only under exceptional circumstances, such as the death of a direct family member, hospitalization of the client, etc. If the outfitter cannot accommodate such a roll-over safari due to a lack of quota or time slots, then in such an event the deposit will be forfeited if notice is given within the cancellation period.
    13. Clients should make their own travel and accommodation arrangements prior to and after the contracted period. If the Outfitter is required to make such arrangements, the Outfitter will be entitled to a handling fee.
    14. Clients are required to submit all relevant information necessary for the hunt, on the prescribed forms and questionnaires as may be supplied by the Outfitter from time to time and must submit the same to the Outfitter, not later than 120 days prior to the commencement of the safari or 30 days in case of a short notice hunt. The Mozambique authorities require four (4) color passport photos, two notarized copies of the client’s passport and notarized written proof of firearm ownership. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is in possession of the necessary transit permit for his firearms, visas and health documents through all the countries he/she will be entering en route to and from the hunting area. The Outfitter accepts no responsibility for the late issuing of documents should the required documents not be submitted within the given time frame, nor additional costs encountered for overnight courier services etc.
    15. The client must deal directly with the designated shipping agent and must pay all air freight, packing, dipping, documentation and shipping fees to the shipping agent direct. The Outfitter cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage once the trophies have been delivered to the shipping agent. Trophy insurance is strongly advised.
    16. Written permission must be obtained from the outfitter and in certain instances, the authorities, i.e. in Mozambique, where a filming permit fee is also payable, to obtain video/film footage of a hunt, if such footage is intended for commercial use. The appropriate visas must then be applied for and all filming equipment duly declared. The full observer rate will be applicable to filming crew. Should both the client and filming crew give written permission to the outfitter and favour the outfitter with a master copy of the raw film footage within 30 days from the last day of the safari, the client/film crew will be entitled to a 50% refund on the observer rates. The outfitter/authorities reserve the right to sanction the authenticity and approve/prohibit the distribution/publication/screening of any footage taken in its area or jurisdiction that may be in bad taste, portraying unnecessary or prolonged suffering or which may be damaging or harmful in any way to the outfitter, the authorities or the country in which the hunt took place.
    17. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the necessary CITES permits (where applicable), and provide the same to the outfitter/shipping agent. Motivational letters are available from the outfitter upon request. Agents to advise clients on CITES/USF&W regulations.
    18. The outfitter reserves the right to use any empty air charter or available space on an air charter transferring clients to/from a hunting area to transport consumables, equipment or staff as may be arranged with the service provider.

  5. Deposit and payments
    1. A deposit of 50% (FIFTY PER CENTUM) calculated on the total hunting package is required within 30 (thirty) days from accepting a quotation in writing. By paying such deposit the client is accepting the terms and conditions as set out herein, irrespective of whether a written contract has been entered into or not. No safari will be confirmed or valid, unless payment of the full required deposit has been received. Agents may deduct their commission from the initial deposit but MUST inform the outfitter accordingly and are obliged to refund the same should the client cancel the safari. Agents are responsible for the collection of all payments from their clients and must pay the same over to the outfitter on or before the due date. Agents may not withhold funds or make any other deductions from such funds other than specified commissions, unless the outfitter’s written permission has been obtained.
    2. The balance of the hunting package or hunting rate, observer rates, license fees, air charters, additional ground transport, meet-and-greet fees and additional firearm import/export permits, is payable on the last day of the safari unless otherwise stated.
    3. If dangerous game is added to a hunting package, or if trophy fees are specified separately, such as in the case of Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe safaris, or a special quotation on a combination hunt or otherwise, the entire amount due, excluding trophy fees, is payable 120 days prior to the commencement of the safari. Trophy fees are payable on the last day of the safari on all animals shot or wounded/lost. If payment is not practically possible, then payment must be made within 7 days after the last day of the safari, without any deductions.
    4. Any additional expenses incurred during the safari, such as purchases on behalf of clients, staff gratuities, ammo tax etc., are payable on the last day of the safari or immediately upon request. The outfitter reserves the right to charge a handling fee.
    5. Any refund on non-shot trophies will be paid to the client by cheque or wire transfer within 30 days from the last day of the safari.
    6. All overdue amounts shall bear interest from the last day of the safari until final payment has been received, at the rate of 2% per month, which said interest shall be payable on demand. Accounts outstanding in excess of three months from the last day of the safari will be handed over to an Attorney for collection and in such event the client will be responsible for all tracing, collection, attorney and client fees.
    7. All payments may be made by direct wire transfer, travellers’ cheques, bank guaranteed cheques or cash in favour of: HENRY GRIFFITHS SAFARIS at such bank account as the Outfitter may advise the client from time to time or as may be agreed upon between the client and the outfitter. Proof of payment must be submitted in writing before it will be acknowledged. NO personal cheques or credit cards will be accepted unless otherwise advised. The client is liable for wire transfer fees.
    8. All payments must be done in US Dollars at the ruling exchange rate on the last day of the safari.
    9. If a safari is cancelled more than 365 days prior to the commencement of the safari, all payments made to date, less a 5% administration fee and all expenses already incurred, will be refunded. If cancelled between 180- and 365-days prior to the commencement date of the safari, a 50% refund of all payments made to date and all expenses already incurred, will be made. If a safari is cancelled within 180 days prior to the commencement of a safari, no refund will be made, unless a substitute can be provided for the exact contracted period that has been cancelled. If a safari is rolled over to a following year for whatsoever reason and then cancelled, no refund will be made unless a substitute can be provided for the exact contracted period that has been cancelled.
    10. The Outfitter will be entitled to retain trophies as surety, if any amount due and payable on a completed safari is still outstanding.

  6. Liability
    1. Whilst every effort is made by the Outfitter, his professional hunters, guides and staff to ensure the client’s safety and comfort, no responsibility can be accepted for any illness, accident, injury, theft, damage or loss whatsoever, or any expenses arising from such illness, accident, injury, theft, damage or loss. The Outfitter, his professional hunters, guides and staff will not accept any responsibility for trophies after their delivery to the shipping agent, nor for any personal goods left behind in camp, aircraft or vehicles. The onus rests on the client to give clear and unambiguous skinning instructions in accordance with his trophy mounting requirements and make sure that the hunting register is duly completed and signed in accordance with his requirements.
    2. The Outfitter will at all times endeavour to sub-contract reputable, reliable and duly licensed and authorized service providers, i.e. charter companies, shipping agents, support agencies etc., but will not accept any responsibility for any acts, omissions or negligence committed by such sub-contracted service providers, resulting in loss of whatsoever nature to the client.
    3. In paying the required deposit, the client accepts the terms and conditions as stipulated herein, irrespective of whether a written agreement has been entered into or not. The onus rests on the client to ascertain the contents, meaning and legal implications of such terms and conditions.
    4. The client certifies that he/she is in good health of body and mind and that he/she has no physical or psychological limitations, which would preclude his/her safe participation in the safari or associated activities. The client furthermore certifies that he/she has full knowledge of the nature and extent, as well as the risk inherent in the participation in hunting/safari activities, and the remote, rugged and harsh areas in which such activities take place and that he/she is voluntarily assuming such risks.
    5. It is agreed by the client, his/her agent, the Outfitter, his professional hunters, guides and staff that this agreement shall be governed, interpreted and enforced pursuant to the Laws of the Country, State, Province or locality in which the safari takes place. The parties hereto further agree to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court and adhere to the laws of that particular country and management authority at all times, which laws will apply, should any dispute arise as a result of any agreement reached between the client and the Outfitter. The outfitter reserves the right to refer any dispute to SCI or any other suitable professional hunting organization for conciliation/arbitration.
    6. Agents may not make presentations and/or promises to clients that cannot be fulfilled by the outfitter.
    7. Agents must at all times liaise with the outfitter’s marketing office with regards to available quota and dates before confirming a booking.
    8. Agents must notify clients of the terms and conditions as set out herein and will be jointly and severally bound and responsible for their clients adhering thereto.
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