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Dangerous game hunting with HGS in South Africa


Henry Griffiths Safaris offers dangerous game hunting all over southern Africa but mainly in South Africa

The species available are Buffalo, Elephant, lion, leopard and Hippo. We offer Trophy hunting and Problem animal control hunts for the elephant (PAC) this will allow the possibility to hunt multiple elephant in a safari.

While hunting you will have opportunities at plains game as well

Please contact us for more information on the dangerous game hunting and for a detailed quote on the hunts as we look forward to hunting with you.

Buffalo  Hunt South Africa

Cape buffalo  x 1


Total: $9675


Buffalo cow Hunt South Africa

Cape buffalo cow  x 1


Note: plainsgame can be added to the hunt

Total: $4175

Buffalo cow hunts


Female lion Hunt South Africa

Lioness  x 1


Note: can be added to plains game hunt or buffalo hunt

Total: $8000

lioness hunts

Crocodile hunts

3 hunting days


Total $4200



other species available on request!